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I'm Caroline and when people ask me if I know Spanish, I always say, "I'm kinda bilingual." I'm continually discovering new things about the English and Spanish languages and their cultures. I don't believe I'll ever become fully bilingual because there are always so many wonderful, different things to explore in language. I'd love to help you become kinda bilingual yourself. Click to learn more about me and how we can start your bilingual journey today!

What are classes like?

If you are already starting to cringe thinking about your high school or past Spanish  classroom experiences that were full of conjugation charts and grammar drills, take a deep breath. These courses won’t be doing any of those things. They will focus on communication and fluency with no pressure to speak until you’re ready. How? You'll be given lots of input in the Spanish language through stories, pictures, speaking, songs, videos, etc. that focus on high frequency words in the Spanish language. You'll have plenty of opportunities to communicate in the language when you feel comfortable. I strive to create a low anxiety, fun and respectful environment to acquire a new language. Click to learn more about the courses!

Open Book

What are people saying?

Level 2 student

Kinda Bilingual classes are a lot of fun. It is the perfect way to be exposed and learn Spanish. Since taking the class my Spanish is improving and I feel more confident when speaking with native speakers. Caroline is delightful and her love for Spanish and life is infectious. Can't wait until the next course begins!

Level 3 student

I have taken three classes with Caroline and my Spanish has improved SO much as a result of those classes. This summer I spent a month in Costa Rica and conversed entirely in Spanish at restaurants, tourist spots, a hardware store, even at Customs and Immigration. Conversing with all these native Spanish speakers was one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences of my adult life, but without Caroline's classes, I doubt I would've had the confidence to have all these conversations.

Level 2 student

I took 6 years of Spanish between high school and college. I felt like I still wasn't ready to communicate in public. I'm a teacher and want to be able to communicate with students and families in their first language. Taking 1 course has already boosted my confidence in being able to go out and speak in Spanish. It's not perfect but along with the resources provide in the class I have lots of different tools to help me practice. The class was fun and engaging without being pressured to speak only in Spanish. I learned so much and would highly recommend!

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