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Hola! I'm Caroline!


I’m so glad you’ve found my small corner of the internet! I’ve been teaching foreign language for over 13 years in a lot of different contexts: high school, middle school, university, adults in the community and my own small kiddos! I have my Bachelor’s and my Master’s in Spanish. I’ve lived and worked in México, Perú, Argentina, Guatemala, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Chile, and Spain. I’ve even worked for the US State Department in developing language programs abroad!


I'm passionate about providing accessible Spanish courses for adults, especially educators and health care workers. For my courses, I have a variety of pricing options with different payment types available. I don't want cost to hinder anyone's bilingual adventures. I believe acquiring a language should be fun and stress-free because so much of my Spanish journey was neither of those things. I’m super excited that you’ve chosen me to help you along on your Spanish journey. Entonces, ¡adelante!


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