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Spanish Level 3


¡Bienvenidos a Nivel 3! Level 3 is the right place for you if you can give answers to simple questions in Spanish and feel comfortable elaborating a little bit. If you feel uneasy narrating in multiple time frames, but also want to experience more abstract verb tenses (ex. hypotheticals, conditional situations, etc.), then Level 3 will help you grow in confidence as well as expose you to new features of the Spanish language.

At the heart of everything that I do is my desire to create an environment to acquire language that is relaxed and respectful where students can feel seen and have fun. We will be focused on communication and comprehension by using lots of high frequency words, and there will be no pressure to produce the language until you are ready. All classes are synchronous online so you can attend from your couch in your comfy pants!

Will there be grammar drills? Nope!

Will you have fun? Yep!

Sound like something you want to join?

Click below to register today!

For the courses, there are a variety of pricing options with different payment types available as well as scholarships. To honor their contributions to our community, there is a preferred rate for educators, health care workers and community servants ($2/instructional hour). If you would prefer to pay via monthly installments or you need a scholarship, please contact me directly at

Registration is open for Winter 2022 courses. The Spring 2022 courses will open for registration the first week of March 2022. 

If you have any questions about the courses or course dates, please contact

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