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10 Documentaries about the Spanish-Speaking World to watch

Watching documentaries is good for you for a variety of reasons: learning new perspectives, absorbing information about a new topic, keeping your mind active, developing empathy, enhancing critical thinking skills. You get it. The juice is worth the squeeze to by pass your favorite reality show for an evening to watching something different. If you add the layer of the documentary being about the Spanish-speaking world and actually in Spanish, it's a win-win-win! You're not only doing all of the above, but you're acquiring the Spanish language while learning about part of its culture! Below is a list of 10 documentaries about the Spanish-speaking world, all available on Netflix. Try one this Friday instead of mindlessly scrolling for an hour trying to decide what to watch. ¡Disfruta!

  • La Creación de Malinche

  • Magical Andes

  • El Pepe

  • Dos Catalonias

  • The Cuba Libre Story

  • Silencio de Otros

  • Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go For it

  • El Testigo

  • Lorena: Light-footed Woman

  • Boca Juniors Confidencial

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