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Immerse yourself in reading

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Most people would LOVE to travel to a Spanish-speaking country and learn the language by going to cafes, interacting with people, and exploring the beauty of a new place. BUT, not all of us (myself included) have that type of budget or schedule flexibility. So, what are we to do if we want an immersive environment to acquire a language? The next best thing to immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking culture is to immerse yourself in a Spanish text. No joke! Reading provides examples of language in context, allows you to make mental connections with new vocabulary, exposes you to new ideas and perspectives, and gives you the space to review the language multiple times in order to increase comprehension. My number one tip for those wanting to practice Spanish outside of the classroom is to READ. It's the best!

Not everyone has access to reading materials in Spanish, but below are a few links to FREE Spanish reading materials online!

- The Fable Cottage is a great place to start. It's a database of some fairy tales in Spanish. Since you might already know the plot to the fairy tale, you can focus on absorbing the language instead of struggling with comprehension.

- Unite For Literacy has a great collection of non-fiction texts with lots of topics to explore! Make sure the language option at the top of the page is switched to Spanish.

- Maguaré is run by the Colombian government and although it is produced for adolescents, the texts are at a beginner and intermediate level. My favorite part is that it has trabalenguas (tongue twisters)!

- Storybooks Canada is one of my favorites because the stories are illustrated AND have audio, so you can listen, watch, AND read for ultimate comprehension!

- Allstories is another collection of short stories. I recommend this website because the stories are illustrated, but also categorized by level, making it easy to find a story that is perfect for your comprehension level!

Now, there is no excuse not to immerse yourself in reading. Set a goal for yourself to check out one of these resources this week. ¡Disfruta la lectura!

Interested in more tips or acquiring Spanish? Check out Kinda Bilingual's online, immersive, Spanish classes or give us a follow on Instagram (@kinda.bilingual)!

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