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Learn about the Indigenous land and peoples of the Spanish-speaking diaspora

I live and work on Skaruhreh/Tuscarora land and I am grateful. Researching and giving thanks for the Native land you inhabit is a great way to learn more about your community and the languages and cultures that are a part of it. It's also a great way to learn more about the cultures, languages and peoples of the Spanish-speaking world. There are over 800 Indigenous communities in the Spanish-speaking world and knowing more about them can help you better understand the fabric of the Spanish language and its cultures. I do not have Native heritage and it's important to learn directly from Native voices, so here's a few ways for you to do the research and find Native voices to listen to and learn from:

- Go to and look up a location that is predominantly Spanish-speaking. This map is not perfect and is always being updated, so check back for updates and corrections.

- Once you find the location, the map will give you the communities and languages of that land.

- Take the names of those Native communities and languages of that land and research them. Not on Wikipedia, but from sources that come from Native and Indigenous voices.

- You can also research the Native and Indigenous voices on social media. There are SO MANY Native and Indigenous makers, creators, educators, voices on social media that provide art and information to the world on all platforms.

- If you find a Native platform, creator, information that you find useful and have the ability to do so, financially contribute to their work. Even if it's just $3 for a coffee. Creating authentic art, materials and information takes a lot of time and energy, so your support would only help that Native voice continue connecting with more people.

These are some very basic ways to start researching. The world is a vibrant and diverse place that deserves to be explored and understood. Language and culture are deeply interwoven. You cannot understand one without the other. Understanding the people and cultures of a community only enhances your knowledge of the language. Cheers to learning something new and appreciating the world we inhabit!

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