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Top 10 List of My Favorite Language Learning Apps

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

I love lists. I love making them. I love completing them. They give you the information you need in short, sweet bullet points. So, I won't clutter up this post with a lengthy introduction. Here is my top 10 list of favorite language learning apps:

10. Babbel

Babbel teaches language through conversation and dialogues. There are grammar and vocabulary notes and checks for comprehension. It's a well-developed app and the only reason it's not higher on my list is that it has lots of paid components to it.

9. Drops Kahoot!

If you like games, this is a great app for you. This app reviews vocabulary and then has different game options to practice that vocabulary. The app reviews vocabulary very similarly to Duolingo. This app is great for playing your way to more Spanish vocabulary, but my only gripe is that it has a pricey year subscription after the free trial.

8. HelloTalk

Need practice speaking? HelloTalk allows you to find a native Spanish speaker to practice with via text, audio recordings, video recordings or video chat. There are paid and free versions, but it's a SUPER simple way to practice your español and explore different cultures.

7. FluentU

FluentU teaches Spanish through authentic videos. This app does a fantastic way of guiding you how to learn through subtitles and video. It's a great way to accelerate your language with the support of text, audio AND visuals. There is a free trial period and then various paid versions.

6. Polygloss

Polygloss is a fantastic way to create your own glossary. You can point your camera at anything and the app will translate the object into Spanish! As you add more words, the app creates flashcards for you to review your glossary. How cool? It's free too!

5. Lirica

I love learning language through songs, and Lirica is where it's at for song-based language acquisition. The app breaks down the lyrics of popular songs so that the user can comprehend both vocabulary and grammar. You can choose the genre of music as well as your level. There is a free trial period, and then different tiers of payment. In my humble opinion, if you were going to spend the money on an app, this might be the one to do it on, especially if you love Spanish-language music.

4. Speechling

This app is amazing if you want to practice pronunciation. The app allows you to record your voice and have side-by-side comparisons of your voice and a native Spanish speaker. You can even hire a language coach! The app is free, but you can purchase the premium package for more add-ons.

3. Tandem

Tandem is similar to HelloTalk in that you are connected with a real, native speaker to practice with, but Tandem is free! The other difference is that Tandem emphasizes language exchange, so you will spend half the time talking in Spanish and the other half talking in English so that the other person learns something new as well.

2. Beelinguapp

If you know me, you know how much I promote reading. Reading is the most immersive environment you can put yourself in outside of living in a Spanish-speaking location. The Beelinguapp focuses on teaching language through reading (much like our live classes). You can choose the type of text you want to read (news, novels, ficiton, non-ficiton, culture, children's stories, etc.) and even have a native speaker narrate the text for you. The app is mostly free, but you can pay to have offline access or no ads.

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is still my favorite language learning app. It teaches language through visuals and gives you the opportunity to practice listening, speaking, reading and writing. The app also lets you place out of information if you already know it, so you don't have to repeat information you are already familiar with. The app is free, but you can pay for no ads.

And that's it. Choose one, download it and see if you like it! ¡Disfruten amigxs!

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